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How to Use Henna to Dye and Nourish Your Hair

Henna Powder for a natural hair

In the recent surge, people get new trends like highlighting or dying their hair, making it seem like hair coloring is a recent phenomenon. However, this is not true. The art of hair dying originated backward centuries. In ancient times, people simply used plant-derived natural dyes like Henna. 

Henna mehndi for hair is the most used and popular among all-natural dyes. It used for decades of years with roots tracing back to the Middle East and Egypt. Apart from being a great ingredient for naturally dyeing hair, henna also strengthens, conditions, and nourishes your hair from deep as well and it is known to give hair shine and vibrant color.  
Are you looking to use a Henna mix for hair? If yes, then you are at the right place. Aman Herbal is a trusted Henna Powder Manufacturer, offering excellent Natural Henna powder for hair. In this guide, we will explain everything there is to know about Henna, benefits of using henna, how to mix henna for hair, and how to apply Henna to dye your hair.

What is Henna

According to our research, Henna comes from the Henna plant, which is commonly found in parts of Africa, India, Pakistan, Yemen, and most of the Middle East. the leaves of these plants are used to naturally dye the hair, and skin, which is why it is a common ingredient in certain hair dyes and temporary tattoos. 

Henna varnishes hair and gives them a glossy shine and demi-permanent color. Henna is also known as a Hina. though most people, associate Henna’s origin with India as it forms an integral tradition of Indian Weddings. The art of Mehndi, which involves painting henna on the body, has been believed to bring love, good fortune, prosperity, and protection.

The henna plant requires a temperature of 35 to 45 degrees Celsius and grows on deep, sandy soil. The Henna leaves for hair are dried and crushed to create a fine powder that provides the red-ish brown dye. This powder is mixed with other natural ingredients like adding black tea to henna for your hair. There are three varieties of henna: Natural Henna, Neutral Henna, and Black Henna. 

Natural Henna

Natural Henna, also known as red henna, is a pure form of henna that produces a rich-brown stain that can darken over time. It is the safest alternative to neutral or black henna, which can contain other plants or dyes. It is ideal for natural hair dyeing without harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Using Henna for Hair

Henna, a popular cosmetic ingredient in India, has been used for ages to address hair concerns. It is a popular choice among natural hair care enthusiasts and is well-known for its ability to dye hair naturally. Henna also contributes to general hair health by increasing hair strength and growth. It is a versatile hair ingredient that has been used for years and provides numerous benefits to hair care. 

The benefits of using Henna for your hair, 

Henna Maintains Scalp Health

Henna’s cooling effects, antifungal, and antimicrobial prospects help maintain scalp health by treating dandruff and scalp irritation. It removes all the impurities from the hair and prevents dandruff. 

Henna Balances PH Levels and Oil Production

Henna helps control the scalp’s PH and oil production by eliminating excess oils and unclogging follicles. 

Henna Curbs Hair Fall and Boosts Hair Growth

It produces hair development and enhances hair texture. 

Henna Strengthens and Repairs Hair

The nutrients in henna heal and nourish hair by sealing the cuticle and improving the suppleness. 

Henna Conditions Hair

It builds a protective barrier to hair shafts, retraining moisture and keeping hair conditioned.

How to Mix Henna for Hair

The henna plant’s leaves were once used to treat hair, but modern India now uses henna powder for hair care. Aman Herbal offers 100% organic, pure henna powder, ensuring the best quality. However, chemicals in henna can affect hair color and cause damage. To ensure the best results, use 100% organic, pure henna powder, as any chemicals can affect hair color.

For mixing, soak the powder one night before applying. Soak the powder (100 gms for short hair, 200 gms for shoulder-length hair, 300 gms for long hair) in an iron bowl or pot with tea or coffee water overnight. (Adding Balck Tea in Henna or coffee makes the red color more visible)

How to Apply Henna to Dye Your Hair

Most of the professional salons exclusively offer synthetic hair dyes, so if you are looking to try Henna, you can easily do it at your home too. Fortunately, at Aman Herbal, we provide henna dyes that are easy to use and give excellent results. All you need to do is just follow the tips given below: 

Prep Your Skin: Before applying henna, you must wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Henna can easily dye transparent surfaces such as the skin. Therefore, to prevent incidents, apply coconut oil or lotion on your hairline and ears to act as a barrier. 

Mix the Henna with Hot Water: if you have not soaked the Henna One night before, you can mix the henna with the hot water at the time of applying. Soaking the Henna powder one night before results the best. To prepare the paste, add the henna powder into an iron pot and add hot water. Then, mix it until the henna releases its dye and forms a thick paste. Wait for it to cool. 

Apply it to your Hair: Part your hair in the center after combing it thoroughly to remove all the tangles. Take a small section and then, apply the paste liberally from the rods towards the tips using a brush. Do the same to the other side of the hair. As you move from one section to another, twist the applied part of your hair wrap it into a bun, and take a plastic wrap and cover your hair. This will help henna to set properly to all the areas of your hair.

Wait a Few Hours:  depending on the instructions and your existing hair color, you may have to wait two to four hours. 

Wash it out: Remove all of the henna. Flip your hair over pour some warm water over your hair, and massage the henna off with a scalp massager comb. Wash your hair with water, and avoid using shampoo for at least 48 hours of applying Henna. Wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo the next day. You can choose AMAN Herbal Natural Aretha Shampoo powder for your shinier hair.

Henna is an excellent ingredient for improving hair growth and strength. Discover this popular 3-1 Combo (Henna Powder+Indigo Powder+Multani Mitti Powder with Free Kit) of Aman Herbal, which includes Multani Mitti Powder with Indigo, and Henna Powder.


Henna is beneficial to your hair if it’s natural. Also, the right way to use it has a tremendous effect. Buy good quality organic henna. Try Aman Herbal, as we are the top manufacturer of Henna Powder which is 100% Natural and Green mehndi for hair, and follow the instructions above to make your hair feel the best!

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